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crewHRM review

Are you struggling to hire skilled talents for your business? Whether you own a small or big organization, it’s concerning. Quality hires promise a bright future, fulfilling business goals and embracing success. Also, are you Looking for a budget-friendly, the best job board plugin for WordPress?

However, online recruitment is really troublesome as there remains a communication gap between interviewer and interviewee. So, identifying everything gets difficult.

The scenario is not the same in WordPress. Since you will find multiple recruitment solutions here. And CrewHRM is a remarkable one. But how?

No worries. This in-depth review will explore all the features that make CrewHRM the best job board plugin for WordPress. So, let’s dive in…

What is CrewHRM?


CrewHRM is an ultimate job board solution that takes employee recruitment to the next level with its competitive hiring features and highly professional templates.

With its advanced recruitment functionalities, you can effortlessly craft job posts and hire ideal candidates for your organization. 

CrewHRM: The Paramount WordPress Recruitment Solution

CrewHRM is the latest addition to HRM solutions, simplifying everything related to employee recruitment. It includes everything from a fully functional dashboard to tempting job posting templates.

Besides, it brings transparency and streamlines hiring through fast candidate application filtering. Wondering how?

Check out all the features that come along with CrewHRM, proving it to be one of the best job board plugins for WordPress:

Interactive Dashboard

image 1

CrewHRM’s dynamic dashboard acts like a map through which you can monitor your entire organization. For example, you can check interview schedules and easily communicate through calls. Moreover, all the scheduled interviews will be displayed on an organized calendar so you can always get updated with the upcoming interview. Also, brainstorming to find new hiring opportunities is possible through job posting statistics. 

Candidate Profile

This is another excellent feature of CrewHRM. It assembles all candidate profiles in one place and lets you view them without downloading the files. Besides, using this WordPress job posting plugin, you can sort out candidate profiles with a single click. Last but not least, it eases communication through the candidate inbox, just like the mailbox. Using this mailbox, you can communicate with your candidates via mail. 

Professional template

image 2

CrewHRM offers highly industry-standard job posting templates that can be used to prepare job posts in minutes. Also, these job posting templates are fully customizable. Apart from this, CrewHRM will let you filter job applications and select the most qualified candidate for your organization. 

This WordPress recruitment plugin is short-code supported, which means you can display job posts anywhere on your site using shortcodes. Additionally, thanks to its advanced search feature, you can find job posts using special keywords.

Flexible Job Posting

image 3

CrewHRM, the friendly and simple job board plugin, comes with the freedom of customization. This means you can customize templates and save them for future use. Again, you can minimize the load by assigning team members to review candidate applications to streamline hiring flow.

Future Additions of CrewHRM

crewHRM upcoming features

CrewHRM, WordPress’s best job board plugin, doesn’t stop bringing new updates. Soon, CrewHRM pro will be released with advanced features that will revolutionize your complete hiring process. How?

Take a sneak peek at what will come into the premium version:

Custom Job Application Field

You will be able to add custom form fields such as paragraph, date, short answer, multiple choice, single choice, dropdown, etc, using the premium version. This means CrewHRM pro will allow you to create personalized forms to get more information from your applicants. As a result, quality hiring will be easier. Moreover, future updates will release more field types based on your requirements.

Updates Through Email Notification 

The future CrewHRM will better simplify your requirement system through its email notification feature. It allows you to send emails to your applicants whenever you post new jobs. Also, you can send a rejection, Zoom or Google Meet invitations, etc, through emails. Therefore, your hires will always be updated and experience a smooth hiring flow.

All Types of Attachment Support 

No need to worry about the supported form types because the soon-to-be-released premium version will support all file types, including DOCX, MP4, RAR, etc. Besides, you can add limitations on the number of file uploads and supported size. On top of it, the uploaded files will be stored right inside your WordPress installation, named the “wp-content” folder.

Premium Add-ons and Integrations 

You will also get to enjoy all the essential addons and integrations leveraging the premium plan of this WordPress job posting plugin. From interview invitations to ensuring site security via reCAPTHA, every integration is available in this world-class WordPress job board plugin.

CrewHRM Stands Out for

This WordPress job board solution is best for any small to medium organization that wants to escape from traditional hiring methods and wishes to experience something new and more effective. So, if you fall into this category, giving it a try would be a wise decision.

Summing Up

Candidate selection is the most tedious job nowadays as it is connected with a long observation. And doing it online brings more complexity. 

Thankfully, solutions like CrewHRM skyrocket your requirement system by providing you with a highly effective hiring process that will assemble everything related to hiring right in front of your eyes on a single screen.

That’s why, for people looking for a recruitment plugin, CrewHRM will prove to be a concrete solution to find excellence in their business. 

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