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crewHRM review

A Closer Look at the Best Job Board Plugin for WordPress – CrewHRM

Are you struggling to hire skilled talents for your business? Whether you own a small or big organization, it’s concerning. Quality hires promise a bright future, fulfilling business goals and embracing success. Also, are you Looking for a budget-friendly, the best job board plugin for WordPress? However, online recruitment is really troublesome as there remains … Read more

25+ BFCM Round up blogs and BFCM deal submission forms

25+ BFCM Round up blogs and BFCM deal submission forms

As the holiday season approaches, the digital landscape is abuzz with excitement, and for WordPress users, the anticipation is met with a curated treasure trove – “25+ BFCM Round up blogs” and exclusive “BFCM deal submission forms.” These carefully selected round-ups are more than just lists; they are a roadmap guiding WordPress enthusiasts to the … Read more

increase the sale of WP plugins and themes in BFCM

Maximizing Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales for WordPress Plugins and Themes

The Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend presents an incredible opportunity for developers and businesses to promote their WordPress plugins and themes. With millions of users looking for exclusive deals and discounts during this period, it’s crucial to implement effective strategies to stand out in the competitive market. Importance of BFCM for WordPress Plugins and … Read more